-Added the ability to build a custom 6-person squad out of all the marines in the movie
-The characters now have different stats (accuracy, ammo capacity, stamina, endurance)
-Lots of new/redone graphics
-Lots of new/redone sounds
-Added some surprises (!)
-New atmospheric music from the aliens movies
-Mini-cams: observe the viewscreen of every character simultaneously
-The characters now have small flashlights (activated automatically in dark rooms)
-Squad splitting in 2 player games: instead of sharing all 6 characters, each player gets a squad of 3 characters
-Support for mouse aiming
-Support for mouse control
-Support for basic joystick control
-Support for saving / restoring games
-Support for quicksave / quickload
-Some rooms now have blinking lights
-Some rooms now have shading lights
-Room lights can now randomly malfunction during the game
-Healing is now possible at Medical Research Block
-Attack Waves now change as time passes, independently of score gained
-Added cheats
-Added mission time indicator
-Added rectangles to indicate usable items
-Increased game difficulty to compensate for the new modifications
-Players 1 and 2 now have their own unique alarm sounds to distinguish who is being attacked
-Added a small pause and fade for using doors
-Character's ammo now shown in numbers in addition to the graphical gauge
-Non-selected characters are now marked on the viewscreen and minimap
-Another player is now shown as an arrow on the minimap
-Added score flashes to indicate when score is gained
-The crosshair now flashes to indicate low stamina
-The crosshair now turns invalid when out of ammo
-New settable key: select previous character
-Lots of other improvements


-When starting a new 1 player game after a 2 player game, characters 2, 4 and 6 couldn't be selected with the change character key
-Fixed the blank tiles in rooms 89 and 126
-In rare cases, an enemy didn't take damage when shot
-Room-specific Score Bonuses are now given to the Player who Reaches the Room First, not always player 1
-Better compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7
-Lots of other fixes


-First public release