-Direct3D mode fixed
-All graphics and sounds are now included in the executable file
-Mouse pointer no longer centered in startup menu
-Startup menu no longer uses 100% CPU
-Graphics options are now saved
-Some new graphics for the classic mode, including a real C64 font


-VRAM Usage optimised for better compatibility with older video cards
-Added a cheat mode (warp to a level) – press “SHIFT” + “C” in main menu
-Added a sound to the startup menu
-Some statistics made more clearly visible


-Some graphics remade
-Score and speed changed to yellow
-Background scenery changed to grasslands
-Startup menu polished


-New windowed startup menu where the user can choose the driver and style for graphics
-The player’s wheel no longer stops spinning when forward and backward keys are pressed at same time
-Fixed some minor graphics corruption bugs


-Added built-in support for original BC’s Quest for Tires graphics (converted by stef_c_uk)
-Added smooth fading when aborting a game
-Graphics tweaked, should run better on most machines (especially the cave)
-Some of the graphics have been remade
-The sky now has unique graphics for day, evening and night
-Player 1 is now in front of player 2 in player 1’s own viewscreen
-The player is now informed when a new level begins
-The birds are now a bit faster
-Pressing F1 now enables/disabled a FPS counter in the upper left corner of the screen
-New menu button sounds
-Added an icon for the executable files


-Startup menu removed -> executable files for each mode
-Menu input responsiveness boost (especially key configuration)
-Fixed the high score result when losing the last wheel in a water hopping level
-Jump/crouch timers optimised to more accurately match the player’s speed
-Losing a wheel now recudes the player’s score by 10% instead of 200 points


-First public release